• Continuous Rotary Extrusion
  • Continuous Rotary Extrusion Equipment

    A complete Service.

  • Cable Making Machinery
  • Cable Manufacturing Machinery

    A complete range of machinery for all cable types.

  • Copper Clad Aluminium
  • Copper Clad Aluminium Conductors

    Savings of 30% - 40% compared to equivalent solid copper conductors.

  • Power Cable Sheathing
  • Copper Clad Aluminium Conductors

    Seamless aluminium sheathing of high voltage power cables.

Continuous Rotary Extrusion

Continuous Rotary Extrusion Equipment

After 20 years experience of designing, manufacturing and supplying CRE machines we can offer a complete service;

  • New Machines
  • Used Machines
  • Tooling and Dies
  • Spare Parts
  • Upgrades and Refurbishment
  • Troubleshooting and repairs
  • Operator Training
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Cable Manufacturing Machinery

Cable Making Equipment

We supply a complete range of Cable Manufacturing Machinery. We make machines for steel wire and non-ferrous wires and cables. All equipment is of exceptionally high quality. The design, materials used and manufacturing precision are the best in the world. Prices and delivery times are very competitive.

We can design and manufacture Custom Machinery to your requirements.

Our range includes;

  • Wet and Dry Wire Drawing Machines
  • Rod Breakdown Machines
  • Stranding Machines; Tubular, Rigid and Planetary
  • Bunching Machines; Single and Double Twist
  • Electrolysis Wire & Rod Cleaning System
  • Pickling and Galvanizing Lines
  • Drum Twisters
  • Continuous Casting and Rolling Line (CCR)
  • Triple Type CCV Line
  • Extruders
  • Drum Twisters
  • Laying-Up Machines
  • Custom Designed Machinery
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Copper Clad Aluminium Conductors

Continuous Rotary Extrusion Equipment

Coppbar® Copper Clad Aluminium Composite is produced by metallurgically bonding a layer of cladding copper to an aluminium core. The resulting multi-layered bimetallic composite – consisting of copper cladding, aluminium core, and metallurgical bonding layer – possesses excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, only slightly increased resistivity, and is over 70% lighter than pure copper. A minuscule increase in the size of conductors allows Coppbar to carry the same amount of current as pure copper while still being lighter and much, much cheaper.

  • High electrical and thermal conductivity
  • Superior heat dissipation
  • Excellent soldering and electroplating properties
  • Highly malleable, easy to fabricate
  • Provides the classic appearance and superior conductivity of copper with the intensity and light weight of aluminium alloy
  • Two individual metal layers are metallically and permanently joined by passing through the isothermal, solid phase and roll-bonding processing
  • Produced in an inert gas environment to prevent oxidation during manufacturing
  • Formability: sufficiently malleable to permit fabricating operations such as forming, deep drawing, and spinning
  • Tempers are available from annealed soft to hard

Savings of 30% - 40% Compared to Copper Busbars

Coppbar® Copper Clad Aluminium takes the strength of both metals and none of the weaknesses. Copper Clad Aluminium Composites combine the excellent properties of copper and the cost efficiency of aluminium to form a bimetallic metal that is a superb conductor and overall excellent performance material comparable to, if not superior to copper, while carrying a significantly lower price tag.

Copper Clad Aluminium has far-reaching applications in multiple industries. Due to its light weight and low cost, it is increasingly utilized in the automotive, aerospace, defence, electronics, refrigeration, and many other industries. Due to its advantageous physical properties and significant economic benefits, Copper Clad Aluminium is an overall excellent performance material.

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Power Cable Sheathing

Continuous Rotary Extrusion Equipment

Aluminium Sheathing is required for low, medium, high and extra-high voltage power cables. The sheath must be continuous, seamless, completely sealed, and have accurate wall thickness.

This is a very special application of Continuous Rotary Extrusion Technology and requires a dedicated process line. The aluminium sheath is extruded around the cable core as a loose tube, and corrugated in-line. Special cooling systems within the machine prevent burning of the cable core materials. The sheathed cable is wound onto drums up to 5 m in diameter, ready for further processing.

Cable diameters (over aluminium sheath) from 60 mm up to 180 mm diameter can be produced. The use of a very special Continuous Rotary Extrusion Machine with two extruding wheels and four feedstock rods ensures accurate concentricity of the extruded sheath, even at the largest diameters.

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